Saturday, June 11, 2016

My tip for the day

Hi Stampers!

Today I want to share with you my favorite tip for sending your cards in the mail.

So you've come up with a beautiful, fully embellished masterpiece for your BFF, but the thought of trusting it to the USPS can be a scary thought, right?  Not that I'm finding fault with postal workers, but the truth is that I've received some pretty beat-up pieces of mail.  It's not surprising that they take a beating, with all the handling they go through before they end up in your mailbox.  One time I received a card from a friend with some really cute embellishments that had torn completely through the envelope!  That's when I came up with this extra layer of protection, and it works like a charm.

That's a 1/16" thick foam sheet cut to size and tucked into the envelope with the card.  It doesn't add weight to your envelope, but it protects those gems and pearls from piercing the envelope.  And it's inexpensive and readily available!

This is the type of card that I always add a foam sheet to before mailing.  Those beautiful rhinestone jewels deserve a little TLC!

The recipient of your beautiful card doesn't want to see this - or worse - as the envelope wears through!

Home Depot sells Dish Foam Rolls in the moving supplies section.  It's intended purpose is to pad dishes and glassware for moving.  So if you've moved recently or you're getting ready to move, you may have some of this laying around!  I've also been able to save some pieces of it from packages I've received from UPS that use this kind of padding.  If you don't have either of these resources, it's $7.27 for a 12" x 50' roll!  That's a small price for a lot of protection.

I hope you find this tip helpful.  Please share it with your cardmaking friends!

Happy stamping,

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